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Reflection: Taking The Time To Understand Who You Were and Who You Want To Be

December 2022

Who Are You?

Our identity is a combination of how we think, what others think of us, and the choices we make.

Importance of reflection Taking the time to reflect can create an incredible opportunity for growth. You can learn from your successes and mistakes by applying what worked and finding solutions for what didn't work to future decision-making.

The more you're prepared, the more confident you can be.

Mirror reflection

It is too easy to become obsessed with the little things when looking at the mirror. We also know it's possible to avoid looking at ourselves entirely because we're scared to see flaws.

Skincare can become overwhelming and most people seek for perfection. But skincare should be thought of as part of self-maintenance. Skincare at The House of Kalm is to find simple solutions and make it work for you and your lifestyle.

Practice reflection

Look back at what choices worked for you and what didn't work for you, and adjust your everyday decisions as you move forward into the new year. Selfcare requires constant adjustment because as we grow, our needs change.

It helps to think that every choice has an impact on your health: body, skin, mental and so on. Encourage yourself to practice reflection in the midst of the holiday season craze. Treat your skin with kind products, treat your body with healthy food and exercise, and treat your mental health with reflection to become the best version you can be.


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