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The House of Kalm provides quality self-care items to simplify and add value to any lifestyle.

Our goal is to encourage optimal beauty, health, and wellness at your own pace.


We believe science and technology can work harmoniously with nature and every brand has the opportunity and responsibility to create non-toxic products.

We are here to support your personal journey.

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Companies that Align with Our Values


California Gummy Bears

Settle your sweet tooth with a healthy alternative to your conventional snack. California Gummy Bears provides delectable, chewy, and naturally sweet gummies from organic, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher California fruits. Nothing more, nothing less. Next time you think about buying gummies at the grocery store, read the nutrition label and we can guarantee they won't make it in your shopping cart.

esfolio logo.jfif


Using ingredients from nature to gently revive and pamper the skin, Esfolio is driven to offer good skincare products with good quality at a good price.

isntree logo.png


A Green K-Beauty skincare line that focuses on clean, safe and effective ingredients across different skin needs. Isntree ensures their products are cruelty-free and does not include harmful and incompatible ingredients. Their products include high functioning local green ingredients and has created an exclusive list of 100 harmful ingredients that can be found in many high-marketed brands. They continue to find creative design solutions for eco-friendly packaging that makes recycling simpler.

ncla logo.png


Clean beauty with natural ingredients that liven the skin. NCLA is created by two Los Angeles-based Asian-American sisters Elin & Anh-Thu Dannerstedt. Each product is thoughtfully packaged and created for the user to easily and happily enjoy or gift.

the beauty crop logo.jpg

The Beauty Crop

A brand inspired by healthy living by creating products from natural ingredients without any unnecessary additives. Effortless and affordable skincare and makeup is at your fingertips with The Beauty Crop.

cosrx logo.jpg


COSRX researchers experiment and study ingredients and prescriptions directly in the COSRX laboratory. Their goal is simple: to develop products for a large audience with targeted solutions

Everydaze logo.png


Everydaze is inspired to create simple routines for those who are busy but wants a self care routine that fits their lifestyle. To start, they have created a variety of on-the-go beauty jelly pouches that offers vitamins and a collagen line for a quick fix.

iunik logo.jfif


iUNIK is K-beauty meets minimalism. They stick to natural formulas derived from raw ingredients. Tea tree extract, propolis, Centella Asiatica and other traditional Asian elements are just some of the nourishing ingredients formulated into effective skincare products for all skin types. The generally gentle ingredients makes this brand a safe addition to add in your daily routine.



Simple K-Beauty skincare for simple routines. Cruelty free, no sulfates, no parabens, no fragrance, no synthetic colors. They prioritize colors, function, and hydration.



Face masks should be comfortable and effective. Mediheal prioritizes affordable everyday sheet masks that can help treat all your skincare needs in one sitting. Their focus on R&D confirmed the importance of keeping their production line contaminant-free by sterilizing their machinery on a consistent schedule and regulating temperatures to maintain the efficacy of active ingredients. 

sulwhasoo logo.png


One of the elite skincare brands in Korea and the first to use ginseng in cosmetics, Sulwhasoo believes in working with the natural rhythms of our bodies and prioritizes harmony and balance in their formulas. 

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