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Make relaxation simple and effective with this collagen beauty mask. Acting as a scaffold, collagen naturally gives a plump look in youthful skin. This collagen mask delivers a natural glow to maintain this effect, leaving your skin bright and moisturized.


Find time for yourself or gift this to someone who needs a quick treatment when they need it. 

Esfolio | Pure Skin Collagen Essence Sheet Mask

  • 1. After washing your face, use a toner to set your skin
    2. Unfold the folded mask sheet
    3. Adjust the mask sheet to your eyes, nose and mouth and use the rest of the serum on your neck, décolletage, and the rest of your body
    4. Relax with the mask sheet on for up to 20 mins and take it off. Let the residual essence absorb into your skin by gently patting down on your face.
    5. If you apply this mask before you leave the house, put on your SPF to protect your skin from UV damage.

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