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Quiet Quitting in Wellness & Beauty

November 2022

What is quiet quitting?

The original definition of quiet quitting describes putting just enough input at work to complete your daily tasks and to leave it behind after business hours. If you work in a business that supports the hustle culture, this will be in the form of taking shorter lunch breaks than we're allowed, working late or outside of business hours often, and feeling like you can never catch up on work. The exhaustion this creates is what leads most people to quiet quit their jobs.

Finding balance in personal wellness. The COVID pandemic created a lot of trauma but on the flip side allowed people to take advantage of spending more time with their family, start new hobbies, and create a new definition of work-life balance in a new world.

During our mandatory WFH (work from home) period, the definition of wellness completely changed. Wellness to some meant taking the liberty to drink, eat, exercise, and create daily routines that fit our drastically different lifestyle. It meant we took control of our lives and perhaps created the ideal life we always wanted.

Quiet quitting skincare.

Skincare is personal and part of wellness. Whether you have a 10 step program or you're a face wash and moisturizer kind of person, skincare is the foundation to the "beauty" you see on the outside. If your skin doesn't look or feel stable, it is a sign that something in your body or skincare needs to be addressed.

If you're in the party of having a complicated routine that can't easily be followed, this will ultimately cause quiet quitting skincare due to inflammation, sensitivity, or exhaustion. Rather than seeing this as a negative implication, this trend confirms that a more minimalist regimen can lead to consistency and maintenance that can easily be followed.

Finding balance in personal skincare.

Simplicity can provide us fulfillment in a world of excess. People want more yet they feel they still don't have enough. This leads to burnout. To make the moment you get ready for the day or before you go to bed effortless, find the right products to use that works for you.

If you know your skin enjoys gentler ingredients, stick to products you find that caters to your sensitive skin, such as Isntree's Onion line and Mugwort line. When you pressure yourself to follow trends or an influencer without truly understanding what you personally need, you can spend more time and money trying to look better yet never getting to that ideal look for yourself.

When looking for the right products, it takes time to see results. Stay consistent and understand how your skin looks and feels. More importantly, be kind to yourself, patient, and confident in whatever skin you're in.


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