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Finding Joy

September 2022

When stressful events happen in our lives, especially those things out of our control, it feels impossible to be happy. It certainly takes a lot of effort and motivation to laugh. But according to Dr. Madan Kataria in his book Laughter Yoga: Daily Laughter Practices for Health and Happiness, "the body can't differentiate real and fake laughter" and that "bodily expression of any emotion generates similar emotion in the mind".

This is not to dismiss clinical depression or grief. We need to realize that when we miss the train to work or when someone takes their frustration out on us, these are some examples of situations where we can choose how to react to. Finding time to laugh every day like children with pure excitement for life can lift our spirits and those around us. This practice teaches us to have more empathy towards ourselves and others and gratitude comes effortlessly.

"Joy is unconditional commitment to being happy in the moment, and to have fun despite all is happiness from within that you can create on command and demand."

Welcome to The House of Kalm, where we spread and create joy through wellness.

Stay joyful!


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